“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” – Martin Luther King

If you could go back in time to high school and place a bet on the person who is most likely to succeed, who would you put your money on?

A Story of Two Guys

Would you put it on Jim “the great” Collins, the most popular guy in school? After all, everything Jim did at school, he seemed to excel at. Jim was top of the class in every subject he took and he seemed to face each subject rather effortlessly. Jim was also a talented athlete. He played football all through school and even managed to earn the top spot as the captain of the high school team because he was an exceptional leader and a great sportsman.

What if I told you that the return on your money would be great if you had placed it on “no your average” Joe Smith. Contrary to popular belief, Joe didn’t turn out all that average but if you looked at his high school resume, he was average at everything. He didn’t top any of his classes but he was consistently a B+ average. He wasn’t a particularly talented athlete but at the end of football practice, he walked off the field more beat up than anyone else because he worked harder than anyone else. Joe didn’t win the biggest trophies but the ones he did one, he fought tooth and nail for.

Fast track twenty years. Jim “the great” is now pushing forty and stuck in a cubicle job he hates. He married his high school sweetheart but after more than a decade of marriage and three kids on, Jim got slack. After his physical prime in high school, he stopped working out and started to eat fast food a lot and drink a lot. Every day, Jim goes to work accepting that life has nothing better to offer him and often goes to bed thinking about the glory days of high school.


On the other hand, Joe left high school wanting to prove to the world that he was indeed, “not your average” Joe. He got into weight lifting right after high school and began to wake up early every morning to work out. Within just a few years, his friends and family started to look at him and say things like “Joe, I don’t know what you’re doing but you look different. Have you been working out?”

Joe also went to college and got a cubicle job like Jim except he still had this relentless energy within him that told him he wasn’t average. So instead of going out at night after work to “have a drink with the boys”, Jim went straight home and began to read books about starting an online business. At first, the process was frustrating as Joe didn’t know anything about building websites or selling products but he just wouldn’t give up. Within a year, Joe started to gain some momentum with the online business he built during his free time and six months after that, he quit his job and lived full time off his little side business he started.

Never bet against the guy who never gives up

People are born with varying degrees of talent and intelligence. However, if you want to know who the real winners are, you’re best to keep your eye out on those that seem to never give up no matter how big of a challenge they face because life will deliver everyone a challenge at some point. How a person deals with such challenges will determine whether they win or lose and the person who never gives up will always be the one to overcome those challenges.

Never bet against the person who never gives up.



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