In order to move on with inspiration and strong motivation for action, two basic conditions are needed – broaden your perspective and take into account ALL the available opportunities and find the proof that the chosen option is possible.

When both are fulfilled, most of the excuses, habits of procrastination, laziness – simply disappear, making room for motivation, consequence and persistence.

When you want to move on (or help someone do it), first consider how many options you can see for your future. Very often people who don’t know how to move forward with their lives have very limited prospects of available opportunities. They see one or two options, often none of which is motivating enough. This, in my opinion, is the most common cause of lack of motivation.

The first condition of action with inspiration – broaden your perspective and take into account ALL the available opportunities. Regardless of your previous education and skills, because if you spend enough time, you can learn practically everything.

You can be an architect, musician, computer scientist, economist, business owner, freelancer, painter, journalist, presenter, coach, trainer, traveller, actor, driver, marketing specialist..You can choose any of the official competitions or create your own.

Be aware of these opportunities and choose the one that will be the most motivating for you.

The second condition of the inspired activity is to reinforce the belief that the chosen life scenario is actually achievable. And it is not enough to affirm or convince yourself that it is.

In order for this belief to last a lifetime, you need solid evidence of its authenticity.

As a person who is seeking inspiration, look for as many people as possible that have already succeeded in what you want to do.
As a person who inspire others, be that example and also point out people who have already achieved success in this matter.

People need enough tangible evidence to live with passion. That you can do what you like and make money. That you can start from scratch and succeed. When there are many examples, then they start to believe strongly that in their case it is also possible.

However, you have to remember about one thing. Being inspired is only the beginning, a prerequisite for living with unconditional motivation, but not the only one.

To succeed, you have to earn it. It does not come quickly and suddenly but requires a lot of effort and energy.

I have good news, though.

When you do what you really want to do in your life, then even the harshest work is something extremely satisfying and gives you an uninterrupted flow of motivation to continue doing. Like an energy generator that operates non-stop.

Remember that in order to live and act with the inspiration you have to open up to the full spectrum of possibilities and options for your future and then strengthen your belief that their realisation is possible

Open that door.

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