Most people in this world when trying to achieve their goals are focused only at the end of their road.

They haven’t learned that setting and reaching goals is a process, a journey, and if you don’t know how to enjoy this journey, the achieved goal will be bittersweet.

Have you seen the movie “Peaceful Warrior”? It shows in metaphorically and very accurate way, what you should understand before making the next step toward your goals.

You can watch a 3 minute part of this movie, significant for this article, here:

A brief explanation of the above movie for those who have not seen it: the gentleman with grey hair is Socrates, the spiritual teacher of a handsome young man – Dan. Dan is the athlete who had to quit his career after a motorcycle accident.

Socrates has taken Dan on a trip, telling him that at the end awaits him something wonderful. They walked more than three hours uphill and got really tired. When they reach the hill Socrates showed his young friend a stone and said it was the purpose of their trip. Although Dan originally got angry at the fact he was cheated, he then realised that the aim is not that important as the journey itself.

Consider this now as a reference to your life. You have probably set some goals you want to achieve. Perhaps you feel that once you reach these goals, you will finally feel happy.

Imagine that you are practising guitar playing. You know that if you play one piece of music X amount of times you will get to the goal which is being able to play it well. However, if it is a beautiful song it makes sense to enjoy it every time you play it on the journey!

As Mac Davis sang “You gotta stop, and smell the roses”. So putting a little extra time into noticing the beauty of what you are experiencing – those are the things that make the process of “practising” enjoyable. Just racing towards the goal of playing it right eventually leads to burnout when you get there.

We can balance the onward and upward mentality with a little of life’s simple pleasures just by being more aware of things as they happen.

Take time to watch the birds in the yard, ask your neighbour about his day or give a compliment or smile to the stranger.

Stop for a moment, look around and notice where are you in your life right now.

Stop drudge along every day until you get to the goal and only THEN you get satisfied. Choose to enjoy every single day. You can’t always choose your circumstances but you CAN choose how you respond to those circumstances.

Enjoying every step on the road to your goal is the key in not letting the hunger of achievement be your only driving force.

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome. ” Arthur Ashe

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