Spring is here eventually and the world feels fresh and rejuvenated after a long winter.

So while nature wakes up to life and flowers are blooming, why not take the opportunity to clean your mind as well?

Spring clean it from complaining.

This habit poisons our lives through hundreds of negative thoughts that overflow our heads every day.

The challenge is to keep your mind clean from complaining for 7 days.

This does not mean that you have to praise everything. Your task is simply not to grumble, judge, complain.

Accept all situations as they are. Watch your thoughts and stop them whenever they go towards complaining.

Easy to say, harder to do.

Therefore, to make it easier for you, I suggest that you keep a small sticky note and a pen or pencil with you all the time.

Every time you catch yourself complaining (on yourself, on the world, on life, on other people, etc.) – on this piece of paper you make a mark.

Thanks to that you will be more aware of this destructive habit and more inclined to stop it.

In addition, I suggest you practice “conscious complaining”.

For 5 minutes a day, you have full dispensation – you can complain as much as you want.

But do it entirely by focusing on complaining (don’t do anything else!) And again have a piece of paper with you. Write the topic of your complaints in the form of short statements or keywords (eg “my job sucks”, “the world is a nasty place”).

So, choose the moment during your day when you want to complain, Do it for 5 minutes, listen to it intently and write it down.

I will not write anything about the potential effects of the above activities. All the fun is that you discover it yourself!

Will you take this challenge?

Good luck!