The most important relationship we have to work on is the one with ourselves. In order to succeed, we first have to get to know six steps that will lead us to better thinking. Most of us don’t realize that this relationship requires as much work and effort as any other relationship. It’s like training for your brain. It doesn’t come easy, and it seems to be more than we can cope with. If you still feel that something is missing and you feel empty inside, you are the problem. You can try to fill the emptiness with something, but it will bring no results. All you can do is to start from scratch. It’s time-consuming, and it does require a lot of work, but once it’s done right, it will last forever.

Here are the six steps for better thinking:

#1 Focus on yourself.

Stop looking outside, don’t worry what other people’s goals are, what stage of life they are in. Don’t compare yourself to others. Try to create a positive egoism in yourself. Your needs are also important.

#2 Discover and nurture your passion and dreams.
Don’t give up things that make you happy and bring you satisfaction. Everything can go hand in hand and can be placed even in the busiest calendar.
#3 Don’t be jealous – be inspired!
Make little shifts of attitude and instead of gripping jealousy towards someone who has succeeded; you will be motivated by their success. If they can do it, so can you!


#4 Eat smart!
It’s your body, and you will have to live in it all your life. If you make conscious decisions about what you eat, almost by chance you will start living a more conscious life.


#5 Move more!
Physical activity makes you more aware of your own body. You learn to test your limits and break down your weaknesses. Moreover, you train your willpower and self-confidence.

#6 Treat yourself to life’s little pleasures!
Are you dreaming of Louboutins? Maybe you feel like eating a chocolate cupcake? It’s important to find joy and pleasure in little things that you can do for yourself with little effort, time, money or planning.
Changes can be terrifying. I know. Despite the fact that those six steps are not particularly hard, still, a lot of us rely on the first point. Changes are not easy, but they are necessary. Best things happen to us just outside our comfort zone. And if you are after something you have never had, you will have to do something you have never done. Easy?

Dream boundless! Sandra