I wonder if you remember Pink’s old song Don’t let me get me in which she tells us that she is still fighting a war against the mirror and it’s bad when you are a hazard to yourself. I used to be my worst enemy. I have never excelled at anything; I was not capable of finding a place in my life. I wasn’t particularly brainy or talented and my parents made sure I knew it. And everything around me was telling me that if I want to be unique and achieve something in life, I should stop being myself. I expected more from myself than I could deal with.

A few years passed. A fought a war with myself till I came to a conclusion that it’s high time I removed all outside layers. It took me a year to rebuild all layers the right way. It was the worst time in my life but it was worth it.

The truth is that each of us has bad days, or weeks or even years.

When you want to crawl under a blanket or wrap around unhappiness. But just as it is in any other relationship, there is a moment when you need to be reasonable and try to make up, in this case, with yourself. Don’t wait for someone else to make you happy. It won’t last. You will find happiness only in yourself. It may be hard, it may be easy, don’t think about it. Just like a ballerina practices her steps over and over again, you have to master your mindset before you go to conquer the universe. Everything starts in your head.

Tomorrow I’ll put a short exercise – 6 steps for better thinking.