Before you start reading, let me tell you that if you absolutely sure that MLM is your path, don’t read any further. Read and learn from those who have succeeded in the MLM business. 97% of all network marketers make less than $50 a month in their MLM Business. This true story is for them.

I started my first MLM business at the age of 23. Fourteen years later, after six different companies, different “uplines,” products, marketing plans, and all the related stuff, I still wasn’t successful. When I first heard of the MLM industry, I loved it. The main idea I really liked. Passive income. Four-year career and then retirement. Soon it turned out that, in my case, it’s not so simple, as they say. Every phone, every meeting—it was an enormous amount of stress. Some of my friends stopped answering my calls. It was unpleasant. I changed MLM companies several times with the hope that I would find a better product or sponsor, but every time the result was the same—stress and failure.

Last year, I started my MLM business with a new company that I thought was going to be different – for me, of course! What I mean is I thought that the unique products and my friends who were also involved in it would give me strength to build a great organization. I could not have been more mistaken. As the months went on, I felt that I was on the verge of another failure. And yet, I wanted to succeed so much. What else could I do that gave me life freedom? I began to wonder if – somewhere – there could be another way.

The road to financial freedom couldn’t be the road through torment.

And I was right. But before that, let me finish my story.

To save the situation, I decided to talk with one of the most famous MLM businessmen in my country to ask what could I do to be successful in this industry. I don’t remember all this conversation, but one thought was firmly engraved in my memory, namely, that he was a businessman who started his business 30 years ago, was very successful, and is still running from meeting to meeting. Because he couldn’t talk whenever I call him, he calls me back later from his car. He apologized for that and explained that he is very busy and this is the only moment for him to talk – in his car, on the way to another meeting. What? After 30 years in MLM, he still works his ass off? He also told me that he changed the MLM company two years ago with the hope that, this time, it would be child’s play and he will no longer have to work so hard. I wish him all the best.

After that conversation, I had enormous doubts about my future in MLM, but I was still looking for the golden key to my success. So, one day, I was looking for some MLM-inspired films on YouTube, and right before the movie starts, there was a short advertisement, which was unlike any other. A nice looking blonde-haired lady was sitting in her living room. She was talking about the lifestyle that gives her freedom, passion, and happiness. And it wasn’t MLM. It was something else, and I wanted to know what it was. I subscribed to her channel, and she sent me a series of seven videos which really changed my life.

I found the amazing platform and phenomenal people involved in it. They helped me to learn how to stay balanced and simply be happy, and, most importantly, they would teach me how to build my successful Laptop Lifestyle business. Today, I know how to build my own website and how to arise in social media. I know the mechanisms of online sales and much more about making money online.

Simultaneously, I realized that the more you give, the more you get. Also, I truly love helping people in fulfilling their dreams. That is one of the reasons my life is so amazing.

If you’re intrigued, interested and want to know more, don’t hesitate to write me or visit my website.

It’s not easy to make a big change in your life, and it’s not a rapid process. It requires time, effort, and commitment. Even so, if I, as well as thousands of people all over the world, could do this, so can YOU! It’s all up to you.

FACT: 97% of all network marketers make less than $50 a month in their MLM Business. If you are one of them I encourage you to watch this video my personal mentor has prepared for you. Enjoy.

With Love

Sandra Kin